Not that my absence will be entirely noticeable, but I am going to let tumblr (and the majority of the internet) alone for a while.

Hope you all are doing well.

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religious views: mewithoutyou lyrics

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Flying to Waco earlier today to visit George Truett. Flying still fascinates me. - 3.27.14

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'Wanna come to my house and listen to records?' Taking part in a resurgence. #vinyl #record #resurgence

Mah bro on his way for some sweet hangzzz

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I’ll be in a plane for close to 10 hours in the next few days and I am gonna need some music to listen to. Any albums I should sync to my phone for my flight time?

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Typically, I’m the type of person that isn’t easily angered.

Tonight was an exception to my generally laid-back disposition.

Gonna get some praying in.
Lord, have mercy.

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Too often, when reading Scripture, we think of ourselves as the oppressed, and not enough as oppressors.

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Adventures in Chapel: Chapter 15




Apparently this one has better things to do than to read from and explicate the text. Wander the stage and take more rabbit trails, please.

So this sermon is actually about the Tennessee Baptist Convention. Specifically, about…

Went through this from time to time during my undergrad with chapel speakers from the Florida Baptist Convention.

Not that it’s a huge deal, but it made me wonder what the actual purpose of a chapel on campus is and how different it is supposed to be (if at all) from a typical Sunday morning church gathering. Other than taking advantage of the privilege I had of sitting in on preaching 3 days a week, I was unsure why I was “strongly encouraged” by faculty and staff to attend chapel at all.

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