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Title: Hold On
Artist: Alabama Shakes
Album: Boys and Girls
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Hold On - Alabama Shakes
So bless my heart and bless my mind
I got so much to do, I ain’t got much time

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Title: The holiday song (some christians are nazi's)
Artist: The Homeless Gospel Choir
Album: Some people never go anywhere
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"Happy 4th of July everyone,  I hope the BBQ and beer treat you right. I heard that freedom isn’t really free. That doesn’t mean it okay to kill other people, because they come from different blood than you. Please don’t think that Jesus wants you to kill other people cause they’re Muslim.  

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you’re all warm and cozy in your house. Its not the kids’ fault, that their dad went to jail. It’s not their fault there’s no food in the house, and santa clause doesn’t visit their part of town. I heard a man once say that the last shall be first  unless he only meant for white christians.

Happy Easter Sunday everyone. I think you all look really great in your new shirts. I wonder if the kid that made it got a new shirt too. And i wonder if he ever learned how to read and write,  or if he has running water in his house.   I wonder if his mom and dad are proud of his work, or if they died making last season’s fashions. 

Hey there sweetheart, I’ve got news for you, I had a talk with your dad last night.  So I went out and got you this diamond ring. It came from a slave mine in Africa, where people don’t have the choice to leave. The man in the mine, works under gun point.  But I bought so that I can say ‘I love you.’ I bought it so that I can say I care, I bought it so that I can get inside your heat, and I buy everything because I’m an American.”

-The Homeless Gospel Choir

Thus begins Unpatriotic Music Day.

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Bleed The Pigs @ Exponent Manor 

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Kak signs deal with Orlando City, set to arrive in Orlando on Monday

Well this will do us no good without a solid team around him. Regardless, I’m looking forward to see him playing in purple next year. 

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Monty Python philosophy football
I needed a good laugh today. I’ve seen the gifs rolling around here and had to find the clip. 

Can the greeks play the Germans in this world cup please?

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An England fan throws a paper airplane from the top tier of Wembley and it hits one of the Peru players | view from the crowd

This was a historical and monumental feat in the world of aerodynamics, one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen

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